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[Single] ZARD – Glorious Mind

~Single Tracklist~
01. Glorious Mind
02. Sagashi ni Ikou yo (2007 Version)
03. Ai wo Shinjiteitai (2007 Version)
04. Glorious Mind (Instrumental)

~Single Review~
“Glorious Mind” is a posthumous single by the popular J-pop singer, ZARD, that was released December 12, 2007. The song received a high NINKI poll rating and should do well on the Oricon chart.

“Glorious Mind” is a very good ZARD track, mainly because it succeeds at capturing the pop-rock musical essence of ZARD at the same time as it gives the music an updated feel, something ZARD’s music has been in desperate need of. ZARD often feels dated, but here, the production doesn’t feel as terribly dated, which makes the track listenable. Add in a decent hook, a building bridge, an excellent chorus backed by a haunting melody, and an emotive ending, mix them together, and you have a respectable track that feels quite appropriate as a release after ZARD’s death.

“Sagashi ni Ikou yo (2007 version)” also succeeds as leaving behind that dated feeling to a certain extent. I assume the production team must have changed, as this single sounds very updated, which is especially relevant in new versions of songs. No complaints here – the song grows from a soft melody to a huge song with strong backing until everything fades in the extro.

“Ai wo Shinjiteitai (2007 Version)” probably feels the most angry / dark out of the three songs on the single, with raging drums, strong vocals, and great instrumentation. Again, the ubiquitous dated feel of ZARD tracks is gone, there’s even a synth effect on “Ai wo Shinjiteitai (2007 Version)” that feels very recent.

Over all, this single is a nice way to mark ZARD’s contribution to J-pop. Here we see her with a modern sound and with some great emotive music. Of course, ZARD was never a perfect musician, and her popularity lies with a generation before mine own, but she has certainly bridged that gap on this release, even it was after her death. A good single and look back at her music.

90% A-
I don’t think I skewed the grade high, but I’m just happy I didn’t have to give her a bad grade a I’ve never really been impressed by any of her music before… It isn’t right to criticize the dead, is it?

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