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[Single] BoA – LOSE YOUR MIND feat.Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA


01. LOSE YOUR MIND feat.Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA
02. Smile again
03. LOSE YOUR MIND (instrumental)
04. Smile again (instrumental)

~Single Review~
BoA released her 25th Japanese single, “LOSE YOUR MIND,” on December 12, 2007, where it debuted on the Oricon daily charts at number six. The song was used in the Japanese drama, “Doyo Wide Gekijo.”

“LOSE YOUR MIND” has excellent pop production. It starts out with BoA ad-libbing in a relatively controlled manner with a great guitar riff and infectious beat that carries over into the power driven chorus, which has to wind down just to re-enter another verse. The chorus is very catchy, with the memorable hook, “Lose your mind,” but by the second chorus, the repetition of the hook becomes repetitive, shifting the song from great pop to good pop. There’s just too little variety in the song, as the beginning sounds no different from the beginning. And let’s face it, the repetition in the song, if put on repeat for long enough, could make you “lose your mind” too! That repetition really cuts away any chance of playing and enjoying the track more than a few times. Better than a lot of her other recent efforts, but not as good as her last single, or last Korean single with AnyBand.

“Smile Again” fills that cherished position of winter ballad for BoA, this year I guess. Considering it’s a B-side, it’s not all that bad, but compared to her other winter ballads, it’s not very powerful. Especially since it’s coupled with such a powerful song, Smile Again feels a bit weak. It’s got a decent hook, but it just feels blander and less polished than BoA’s other songs. “Smile Again” does show that BoA can sing ballads, well, however.

The instrumentals are pretty good; “Smile Again”‘s is easily ignored, but “Lose My Mind”‘s is interesting to listen to because of the complexity of the instrumentation.

BoA has a great deal of untapped vocal power that she dare not use in this single. Had she used her voice to mix both of these songs up a bit, this single could have easily been improved by leaps and bounds. As it stands, her voice and production team are still very polished, but not the best.

83% B

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