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[Single] Ongaku Gata – yattaro u ze!


1. yattaro u ze! (やったろうぜ!)
2. sakaero habatake gattasu burirya nchisu H.P. (栄えろ羽ばたけ ガッタス ブリリャンチス H.P.)
3. yattaro u ze! (やったろうぜ!) (Instrumental)

~Single Review~
This single debuted at number six on the Oricon daily chart on its release date, December 5, 2007. A day later, it fell twelve positions, probably due to the idol nature of the song (see AKB48, among others).

This song is a bit on the juvenile side a times, due to the mixture of vocals, background vocals, and instrumentation. The song doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the frenetic beat and high pitched vocals are grating at times. With synth, piano, and guitar, the instrumentation is well produced, but over all, the song lacks some sort of polish. It sounds alright, but it’s not catchy beyond a childish manner. Those are really my only qualms with the song. If you like what Morning Musume. has recently put out, this song should tickle your fancy.

How to describe “sakaero habatake gattasu burirya nchisu”… well, let’s start with the juvenile nature of the song. It’s slow, but somehow manages to sound really childish through addition of sketchy background vocals. My assumption is that this single probably had a tie-in with a children’s program, but I have no way of knowing. I would say pass this light hearted ballad / inspirational sounding track. It sounds like a song a kid would sing.

The instrumental is nice, but I actually like the vocals accompanying it better. Oddly enough… Over all, I’d say for idol group adorers only.

82% B

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