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1. Kagayaku Yoru (輝く夜)
2. This Night (EQUIP Remix)
3. Kagayaku Yoru (輝く夜) (Less Vocal)

~Single Review~
CHEMISTRY peaked years ago. That’s the simple fact; musically, they haven’t been up to par since “TWO AS ONE” ft. Crystal Kay, and their sales have reflected that. It would appear that the R&B duo is ready to try new strategies to rediscover their demographic. Using a song produced by MONKEY MAJIK, CHEMISTRY sings a decent track on on this single, that debuted at number eight on the Oricon daily charts and has since risen to number six. It looks like this single will give them their best single sales in a while, but I feel like they are simply riding MONKEY MAJIK’s coattails.

“Yagayaku Yoru” is not a CHEMISTRY song at all; it’s not their style, it’s the style of MONKEY MAJIK. The acoustic sounding guitar, beat, and string section do not sound like CHEMISTRY’s normal R&B. And for most of the song, it’s quite a new experience hearing CHEMISTRY sing to this instrumentation. MONKEY MAJIK appears through the production, with an “Around the World”-like segment near the end. Over all, the climax and ending two choruses are the best part of the song, but otherwise, the song lacks something. CHEMISTRY has better songs in their discography, as does MONKEY MAJIK. Maybe that’s it; this single’s only real blessing is being different.

“This Night (EQUIP Remix)” is a very nice remix. It features a very smooth, modern atmosphere sponsored by synth and distorted vocals. I didn’t think the song would work this well as a remix, but it did. It’s a great addition to the single, and probably worth a listen for J-R&B fans.

The instrumental of “Kagayaku Yoru” basically just tells you how much MONKEY MAJIK this song is. Passable.

Over all, this single is better than CHEMISTRY’s recent efforts, but it will estrange some of their core fans because of the different sound. It might also sound better if MONKEY MAJIK sung the song…

80% B-