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[single] Mizuki Nana – Meikyu Butterfly

Character song release from “Shugo Chara,” the latest release from “Rozen Maiden” hit-makers Peach Pit.
01. Meikyu Butterfly
02. Blue Moon
03. Meikyu Butterfly (Vocal off)
04. Blue Moon (Vocal off)

~Single Review~
Mizuki Nana released “Meikyu Butterfly” on December 19, 2007.

Most of Mizuki Nana’s releases are well polished with great, instrumentals that are well produced, especially for anime and a seiyuu singer. Here in “Meikyu Butterfly” the song is still well done for the most part, although it lacks some of her traditional power. That power change works well, as it is backed by a piano during the first part of the song. The song builds well, becoming very techno sounding towards the end, which is a fairly complete shift from the beginning. For anime fans especially, the son is worth a listen.

“Blue Moon” is a ballad B-side with piano, some percussion, guitar, windchimes, and keyboards. Over all, the song never really attains the power of the last song. It’s beauty isn’t enough to excuse this fact, either; “Blue Moon” ends being solid, but not as anything special.

“Meikyu Butterfly” is the polished anime music we’ve come to expect from Nana Mizuki. It should be worth a listen to fans, but compared to some of her other songs, its not quite as well done.

85% B