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[Single] KOH+ – Kiss Shite

1. Kiss Shite
2. Kiss Shite (Original Karaoke)

~Single Review~
Shibasaki Kou teams up with Masaharu Fukuyama to make one of her best singles since “invitation.” The digital AND physical sales are markedly higher for this single, as well, as they single debuted with sales of 55K at number 4 on the Oricon chart, some of Kou’s best numbers. Most likely, this is due to the song’s tie-in: the ending theme of the popular dorama, Galileo (also highly recommended).

Kiss Shite is a love song with synth, guitar, and a great beat. I can’t really complain; the instrumentals are top notch throughout the song. The beginning and post chorus parts of the song are also great: the “chu-chu-chu…” is really catchy and features a great beat and background. However, Kou’s vocals are edited through the computer here, something that comes painfully evident as she moves into the first verse. Still – as the synth returns and she heads into the chorus – the song quickly wins me back. “Kissu Shite” makes an excellent hook for this light-hearted song. The final bridge gives us great instrumentation, and the extro of the song is just plain fun. For a light-hearted, witty drama, this song works perfectly. I simply think it features great music, with vocals that are artistically vulnerable / human at time. These vocals, however, may be grating to some.

The original karoake version of the track exemplifies the excellent production on the song. You really realize how well layered the track is when you finally hear it. Really, this instrumentation is the reason for this song’s strength.

Take a few listens to this track before you stop listening to it; it’s a grower, but once it’s grown on you, it won’t wear out for a while.

91% A-

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