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[Single] Kaori Natori – subete ga aru basho


1. subete ga aru basho (すべてがある場所)
2. tenki u sugire ba (天気雨すぎれば)

~Single Review~
First off, I’ve searched high and low for large cover art, this is the largest one I was able to find. Such is life. Secondly… this single was released December 5, 2007 and failed to chart within the Oricon top thirty.

“subete ga aru basho” is a sweeping ballad that mainly features a piano backed by elegant strings and accompanied by synth elements that give the track a very cosmic sound, especially throughout the verses. The song has a very pleasant, memorable melody, but Kaori Natori’s voice does not do the song justice. She sounds strained throughout the chorus and the crescendo of the song, really working to hit that note. This strain comes across as unprofessional, demonstrating what sounds like lack of vocal training, and hurts the song in the end. Her voice doesn’t sound very emotive. It sounds like she’s struggling and singing nasally.

“tenki u sugire ba” features less nasal vocals, which helps the mid-tempo, happy track a bit. Still, despite nice strings, the song definitely lacks the power to be anything more than a B-side. It’s nice, but the chorus is nothing special.

Over all, Kaori Natori ensures this single will be forgotten in the snows of winter. There’s little redeeming value of this single, and I can’t really recommend a listen.

73% C