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[Single] Hitoto Yo – tadaima

01. ‘tadaima’ (『ただいま』)
02. dondengaeshi (どんでん返し)
03. hitorideni (ひとりでに)

~Single Review~
This single was released on December 5, 2007 and peaked at number ten on the Oricon Daily charts.

“tadaima” is a soft ballad with piano, strings, a soft beat that all come together to create an elegant finale. This track never really becomes extraordinarily strong vocally or instrumentally, which is a bit of a problem. It’s soft nature, although endearing, leaves the listener wanting more, more emotion, more vulnerability, more of something. The one redeeming trait of this track, that makes it different from much of J-pop is the special vocal technique; the vocals waver and even “jump” from time to time in a very traditional way. That’s a great addition to average vocals otherwise, but I have seen this technique performed better. Still, Hitoto Yo fans should adore this song.

“dondengaeshi” is a decent upbeat B-side that lacks true power. It feels very happy, but I can’t help feel as though it lacks something to make it memorable and repeatable.

“hitorideni” is a piano ballad that simply makes me scratch my head. Why there are two very similar ballads on this single, I don’t know. At least they’re both above average, but still, the only real difference with this song is the use of only piano instead of a variety of instruments. In the end, this song is a notch below “tadaima.”

This single did not impress me in the slightest. It felt very average, but then again, I’ve never been a fan of Hitoto Yo’s music. I suggest passing it up unless you’re in desperate need of a more traditional ballad, or you’re a Hitoto Yo fan.

79% C+ 

[Single] AIDS Charity Project – RED RIBBON Spiritual Song ~mare kuru kodomo tachi no tame ni~

1. RED RIBBON Spiritual Song ~mare kuru kodomo tachi no tame ni~
2. RED RIBBON Spiritual Song ~mare kuru kodomo tachi no tame ni~ (Instrumental)

~Single Review~
This single was released November 28, 2007 and debuted at number four on the Oricon Chart with sales of 34,628. This single was written for charity, so that all proceeds would go to the AIDS Prevention Foundation. The song was written and composed by Kazumasa Oda and produced by Yanagiman. The song also features a vareity of artists, including Takuro and Teru from GLAY, ayaka, Ryo from Ketsumeishi, and Hitoto Yo. The song is a reggae inspired track that has recently gained popularity in Japan.

It’s worth noting that despite this song starting out slow, the song is not completely bad. True, the song drags with simple instrumentation and average vocals for most of the song (despite variety at all levels). It’s not until after the rap (which despite fitting splendidly with reggae, really drags) that the song picks up. By far the best part of the song is the ending, where you hear all of these voices come together. You hear ayaka’s voice soaring above a choir of voices, creating this emotive atmosphere, perfect for the topic of the single (considering it’s a minute, it really is a sizable part of the song). The ending saves the song from mediocrity, but unless you’re a fan of J-reggae or one of the artists listed above, you might pass this single. The song is quite interesting, but there are better songs out at the moment that you can find / listen to.

The instrumental is nothing all that special. Over all, it’s not a bad single, but it’s not the best I’ve heard this year either. I’d also considering youtubing or dailymotioning the video, it’s worth seeing the story that goes along with the song, watching a couple grow up. The PV is one of the better ones I have seen this year because of the seriousness of the matter and the skill with which it’s handled.

84% B

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