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[Single] Hiromi Go – Good Times Bad Times

『Good Times Bad Times』郷ひろみ

~Single Tracklist~
01. Good Times Bad Times
02. mou ii no? (もういいの?)
03. Good Times Bad Times (Instrumental)
04. mou ii no?(もういいの?) (Instrumental)

~Single Review~
Hiromi Go released his latest single, “Good Times Bad Times” on December 5, 2007, to have it chart within the top twenty on the Oricon chart.

“Good Times Bad Times” is a latin inspired track that doesn’t quite sound like anything else in J-pop right now. It features trumpets and horns, in addition to a synthetic atmosphere with edited vocals. Hiromi Go’s vocal strength isn’t anything special, but he sounds great in this song. The song has a great pop hook which persists throughout all of the choruses. The downsides are the ending of the song is no stronger than the beginning, and Hiromi Go’s pronunciation is not always clear, although sometimes he does sound good. Not bad over all, just very different and very pop.

“mou ii no ?” is over the top B-side with high-pitched background vocals and showy instrumentation. The instrumentation, however, lacks depth and sounds thin, as though production values were low on this track. And for a pop song, “mou ii no?” isn’t that catchy at all. Passable.

This single is very different, there’s no denying that. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the single is good though; it’s an interesting change of pace, but it’s not really anything more than a few nice listens (the pop gets old quickly).

79 C+

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