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[Single] Hirano Aya – MonStAR


01. MonStAR
02. Love Song
03. MonStAR (Instrumental)
04. Love Song (Instrumental)

~Single Review~
Hirano Aya’s “MonStAR” was released December 5, 2007, and peaked at number 11 on the Oricon single chart, selling 10,542 copies its first week. It is her sixth single.

“MonStAR” starts out as a decent pop rock track with nice flavor to spice up the track and differentiate it from the pack of J-pop songs. However, after the first so-so verse, the bridge and chorus sound very, very childish, which hurt the song in the end. “Twinkle, twinkle little monstar” is not an okay hook for the chorus, especially when it accompanies a bit of a downgrade in your music’s production. The chorus could have easily been replaced with a better hook / less childish sound, but instead Hirano Aya puts this out, when the rest of the song sounds fine. A nice song with an awful chorus.

“Love Song” doesn’t sound very special; it’s a slower, pop-rock track with present guitar riffs and synth elements. The chorus is less childish this time around and does have an okay hook, but the melody is sadly less memorable. The track lacks power and ultimately, deserves its position as a B-side to the sporadic MonStAR.

Over all, a below average single that has potential despite weak vocals. The production elements are there to use Hirano Aya’s voice well, the track just never comes through. Hirano Aya just becomes one of many in a league of bland J-pop songstresses. Oh well.

71 % C-

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