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[News] Ayumi Hamasaki’s GUILTY Covers Revealed

CD+DVD Cover

CD Only

Photobook Cover (a la “On My Way” from (miss)understood)

My initial reaction to the covers was indifference; personally, Koda Kumi’s “Kingdom” covers are much better, but these are still pretty.  It’s a bit unexpected for me to see covers that aren’t anything but amazing (most of her releases feature great schemes and themes). I wonder how the photobook will look. For that, I am anxious…

In other news, Ayumi Hamasaki wrote to TeamAyu, about the album “GUILTY”, the following:
“The album, which was made out of my being driven crazy by death,
Finally took shape and arrived in my hands today.

I listened to it.

For some reason I suddenly brimmed with tears and just couldn’t stop.
I think this might be the first time that’s happened.

I am truly glad that I was able to make this album…

I want you all too hear it soon. I want you to feel it.

I felt that so urgently.

Please look forward to lining up in front of the stores on Christmas.”

If Ayu put the same effort into creating GUILTY as she did with Together When…, this album should be her best in quite some time. Here’s to hoping. The covers, however, leave a little to be desired… Despite being released in 2008, expect to hear the album well before then. As Ayu said herself, the album officially hits stores around Christmas.