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[Single] Arashi – Love so sweet

1. Love So Sweet
2. Itsu Made Mo
3. Love So Sweet (instrumental)
4. Itsu Made Mo (instrumental
5. Fight Song (G no Arashi Theme Song) (First Pressing Bonus)

~Single Review~
Love so sweet was the theme song of Hana Yori Dango 2, rated most popular Japanese dorama of the year. The drama starred Jun of Arashi. Because of the drama’s popularity, “Love so sweet” went on to reach number one on the Oricon chart when it was released February 21, 2007, sell 429,832 copies in total, and become the fourth best selling single of 2007.

For many, “Love so sweet” can be immediately associated with the lighter moments of “Hana Yori Dango 2”, bringing up images of Tsukushi-chan and the finale. Because of that association, “Love so sweet” is an excellent song. As a stand alone track, however, it’s a mid-tempo pop track with above average vocals for a Johnny’s track. There’s use of harmonies in the chorus, but that isn’t really anything all that special, and the individual duets or solos sound quite strained at points. Of course, the fact that the song is insanely catchy bubblegum pop with excellent production helps cover that up, as does the hook “Love so sweet,” but for some reason, this song feels like it’s something important. Depth. It’s a great song for Johnny’s and Arashi lovers alike, but other people, you might want to be wary of this one.

“Itsu Made Mo” is an interesting B-side; it’s a synth based song with plenty of violins and trumpet and a beat backing Arashi up. It’s not as good as Love So Sweet, but the song is surprisingly good for a Johnny’s B-side. The crescendo near the end is a definite high point, as well as the double repetition of the choruses. The harmonies in this song are great. Over all, an excellent B-side with polish.

“Fight Song (G no Arashi Theme Song)” feels like just another song on the limited edition/first press in order to move units. It feels a bit like Ayu’s “Beautiful Fighters” without the synthetic interference in their voices and with booming instrumentation at points; that’s a downside considering the haphazard sounding nature of the crowd intermingling with the Arashi’s harmonies. I guess that fits as a fight song, but the harmonies on this song are not Arashi’s best, although it’s worth noting the individual parts are stronger than usual. And he chorus has the energy you’d expect from a fight song.

As one of the biggest singles of 2007, “Love So Sweet” had to be well-done pop. It was, and together with the biggest drama of the year, it achieved great success. Ringtone sales were high, as were physical sales. For Johnny’s Entertainment fans, boy’s band fans, and pop fans in general, “Love So Sweet” is a must listen.

88% B

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