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[Single] Jordin Sparks – Tattoo

American Music Spotlight: Jordin Sparks
01. Tattoo
02. Tattoo (Instrumental)
03. Tattoo (Acapella)

~Single Review~
“Tattoo” was released to American radio on August 27, 2007, but did not become available for download until September 25, 2007. The song did not gain mainstream popularity until much later as radio play gradually ramped up.

“Tattoo” features a beat reminiscent of Beyonce’s 2007 hit, “Irreplaceable,” but sounds altogether different. The intro to the song is slightly prolonged, but adequately prepares the listener for the backing of the remainder of the song. The verses are passable, but when Sparks reaches her chorus, the catchy hook enters front and center. What helps the chorus really enter a level above the rest of the song are the background vocals alongside fuller instrumentation. Sparks’s vocals take a leap upwards at the crescendo of the song, as well. She demonstrates that she can sing on this mid-tempo pop track. The only downfalls of the song are the cheesy lyrics (which really leave a lot of emotion to be desired) and the verses. Nevertheless, the choruses are more than enough to make up for those flaws.

Now, “don’t look back,” Sparks: if she can continue to produce refined pop like “Tattoo,” she could certainly be the next Kelly Clarkson – with a pop edge.

All at once, Jordin Sparks’s latest sounds familiar and new. It is often these tracks reminiscent of music we’ve heard before that resonate the most with listeners. Because Jordin Sparks combines familiarity and a new, modern feeling to her song, “Tattoo,” she’s created a pop hit.

90% A-


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