The purpose of this blog is to provide a reliable site that consistently publishes high quality J-pop (and some select Kpop and American Pop) reviews that are relevant to the modern listener.

In reality, there are many blogs circulating the internet at the moment, giving out various downloads of Jpop, short reviews, and flashy themes. Well, I’m afraid that none of those have ever interested me. Frankly, beyond a select few, many of the blogs lack quality and are trashy. Most of them give the listener a rating with little information or explanation, simply to provide downloads. Other websites have a limited selection of reviews and slowly update the website; this too is insufficient.

With the hope of catering to a particular demographic, I have created this blog to build a medium where quality reviews of J-pop music can be found. Many of you may notice my title’s similarity to a blog in the past: that similarity is intended, as I am the same reviewer working towards creating a better J-pop review site. I bring experience with writing literally hundreds of reviews to this blog, as well as the ability to create a standard for my reviewing. It is my sincere hope that the site will not be shut down due to downloads. For that that reason, I will not have any download links on this blog. I will, however, work to provide access to the music I review, in other ways, with which I’m experimenting. If you are having trouble finding music, I suggest checking out the “Finding Music” section of the blog (accessible through the bar at the bottom of the titular graphic).

I sincerely hope you find the reviews on this blog helpful. I literally sift through the many releases of the week, searching for the gems amongst the trashy pop. Why make you do the same?

Review System

“A+” This grade is rarely given out because it represents a single or an album that is, in our opinion, close to perfect and would appeal to a wide variety of listeners. When this rating is given, it is with utmost confidence that we suggest you obtain the single / album

“A” This grade still represents a great track, but it may have some flaws that an A+ would not have. Still, it would be a wise decision to find and listen to this album or single. Chances are, after a few listens, you’ll really like it.

“A-“ This is the final grade where a large, wide audience should appreciate the single or album. Chances are, there is some flaw that makes the song great to play, but prevents it from becoming a favorite. It’d be a good idea to find the single or album.

“B+” The “B+” is given when a single is almost ready to be widely well-received, but is not quite there in quality. In other words, the album or single was not fully realized. Many might find it to be a respectable, if not great single or album, but chances are, many will not like it. A “B+” is a good grade and deems a single / album worth a listen.

“B” The B is a respectable grade, but the single / album is probably flawed in one of more way. This could be due to weakness in production, the singer’s voice, or the combination of the two. If you like this particular artist, a grade of “B” means you’ll still like the track. Others, however, will have difficulty liking it.

“B-“We’re approaching mediocrity. Fast. This single / album has something that makes it stand out somewhat, but nothing really amazing. Still, some people will like it.

“C+” Slightly above average. This is not a very high recommendation at all, and may not be worth listening to in the end. If it is an album, some tracks may be worth a listen, but over all, the album probably lacks cohesion, transition, or quality. There is an exception where it may be worth a listen, however: when a song sounds like everything else the artist has released, it may receive this grade because of lack of creativity. If this is the case, you may want to consider listening.

“C” Average. Many releases will fall into this category, but I may not review them. Unless you like the artist, avoid them.

“C- (and Below)” At this point, the music has a serious flaw, or potentially many flaws. A select few fans may cherish the song, but for the rest of the populace, when a song gets this grade, it should be avoided.

In the past, I have given grades in each category; oftentimes, I choose not to post the worst of the week’s releases, because frankly, I don’t won’t to listen to them. Here, I’ll focus on tracks that probably have some redeemable quality, or have charted high and warrant attention.

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