[Single] Crystal Kay – kitto eien ni


1. kitto eien ni (きっと永遠に; Surely Forever)
2. As One
3. kitto eien ni -STUDIO APARTMENT REMIX-
4. As One -REMIX-
5. kitto eien ni -INSTRUMENTAL-

~Single Review~
“kitto eien ni” was released on January 17, 2007, and debuted at number 12 on the weekly charts, higher than the number 27 position of her last single, “Kirakuni / Together.” The song “kitto eien ni” was used as the ending theme to Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (My Sister, My Love), a movie surrounding incestuous love that never should have been.

“kitto eien ni” is a strong song, the sort of ballad that Kuri’s been due to sing. It’s very smooth with the piano and soft beat backing Kay’s voice. The chorus is especially good, with powerful vocals, strings, and a stronger beat.. I especially like the ending. Perhaps the best part of this song is the growth that Crystal Kay emits; her earlier teen songs cannot compare to this song in the slightest. It’s a beautiful ballad, although in the end it feels like it lacks a little something.

“As One” is a true blue R&B ballad compared to the poppier “kitto eien ni.” It’s completely in English, as well, which suits Crystal Kay just fine. The only really negative thing to say about the mellow song is the lack of fullness in the chorus; it’s clearly not an A-side. It just feels like they could have put some background vocals in, or something. Otherwise, a strong B-side. It is not as good as the Japanese version, “STILL,” however, which was a digital release in Japan.

The remix of “AS ONE” may be worth a listen, but the remix of “kitto eien ni” is long, boring and does not fit the tone of song at all. In the end, the originals are definitely better than their remixes.

84% B


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