[Single] Ayase Haruka – hikoukigumo


01. hikoukigumo (飛行機雲)
02. chiisana kujira (小さなクジラ)
03. hikoukigumo (飛行機雲) (Instrumental)
04. chiisana kujira (小さなクジラ) (Instrumental)

~Single Review~
Ayase Haruka released “hikoukigumo” on December 5, 2007. The single topped out at number 23 on the Oricon charts, selling 6,858 copies its first week.

“hikoukigumo” is very poppy and synthetic, to the point where they probably altered Ayase Haruka’s voice to a large extent. She sounds pleasant on the track, but never strong. That is really what this track is: pleasant. The piano is happy, the beat is uptempo, the bridge is a build-up, and the chorus is exuberant. This track is good, but never great. The ending is only slightly stronger than the rest of the song, and Ayase Haruka’s voice is nothing special, despite good production. If you like Ai Otsuka and wished she was less rocky and more pop-oriented, this song may be for you. Otherwise, it’s just J-pop.

“chiisana kujira” is a slow B-side that falls into the background on this single. An average B-side that doesn’t try to shake up its instrumentation at all, rounding out a very average single. I really can’t see putting this song on repeat…

74% C


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