[Single] Hitoto Yo – tadaima

01. ‘tadaima’ (『ただいま』)
02. dondengaeshi (どんでん返し)
03. hitorideni (ひとりでに)

~Single Review~
This single was released on December 5, 2007 and peaked at number ten on the Oricon Daily charts.

“tadaima” is a soft ballad with piano, strings, a soft beat that all come together to create an elegant finale. This track never really becomes extraordinarily strong vocally or instrumentally, which is a bit of a problem. It’s soft nature, although endearing, leaves the listener wanting more, more emotion, more vulnerability, more of something. The one redeeming trait of this track, that makes it different from much of J-pop is the special vocal technique; the vocals waver and even “jump” from time to time in a very traditional way. That’s a great addition to average vocals otherwise, but I have seen this technique performed better. Still, Hitoto Yo fans should adore this song.

“dondengaeshi” is a decent upbeat B-side that lacks true power. It feels very happy, but I can’t help feel as though it lacks something to make it memorable and repeatable.

“hitorideni” is a piano ballad that simply makes me scratch my head. Why there are two very similar ballads on this single, I don’t know. At least they’re both above average, but still, the only real difference with this song is the use of only piano instead of a variety of instruments. In the end, this song is a notch below “tadaima.”

This single did not impress me in the slightest. It felt very average, but then again, I’ve never been a fan of Hitoto Yo’s music. I suggest passing it up unless you’re in desperate need of a more traditional ballad, or you’re a Hitoto Yo fan.

79% C+ 


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