[Single] DOUBLE – nokoribi ~eternal BED~

『残り火~eternal BED~』DOUBLE

1. nokoribi ~eternal BED~
2. Winter Love Song -sweet Suite-
3. nokoribi ~eternal BED~ (D.O.I. Mix)
4. nokoribi ~eternal BED~ (instrumental)

~Single Review~
“nokoribi ~eternal BED~” was released December 5, 2007 and did not chart within the top twenty on the Oricon chart.

“nokoribi ~eternal BED~” is a powerful ballad with an R&B beat throughout. It features a strong string section alongside the synthetic production and piano, creating a very wintry feeling atmosphere. At the bridge and at the end of the chorus, a harp comes in to facilitate the transition which sounds great. DOUBLE’s voice is great throughout the song, though especially strong in the chorus which sounds great. The song does, however, drag a bit throughout the verses, extro, and crescendo, with DOUBLE being the only real light that leads the listener through the tunnel. Still, all-in-all, one of her better tracks.

“Winter Love Song -sweet Suite-” is a bigger song that “nokoribi ~eternal BED~” with bigger, louder instrumentation based off of an orchestra and in front of it all, a piano, and great background vocals. Early on, however, DOUBLE’s voice is fighting with the loud instrumentation until it overcomes the background in the chorus. Add in that the song is long and crecendoes late with a long extro, and the song is far from perfect. Still, a very pleasant listen.

If you’re more into DOUBLE’s R&B side, which I assume many fans are, they essentially added in a stronger beat for the D.O.I. remix. Go crazy.

Over all, a very solid ballad single. It’s a shame that DOUBLE didn’t gain any more traction with it. But then again, it is very hit or miss with her (SPRING LOVE aimed high and did not really pan out and SUMMERTIME ft. Verbal was a mess).

87% B


1 Response to “[Single] DOUBLE – nokoribi ~eternal BED~”

  1. 1 teayii December 20, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    shame.. i really like the song

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