[News] Ayumi Hamasaki’s GUILTY Tracklist Revealed


01. Mirror
02. (don’t) Leave me alone
03. talkin’ 2 myself
04. decision
06. fated
07. Together When…
08. Marionette -prelude-
09. Marionette
10. The Judgement Day
11. glitter
12. MY ALL
13. reBiRTH
14. untitled ~for her~


01. 距愛 ~Distance Love~
(glitter/fated) <short film>
02. talkin’ 2 myself<video clip>
03. decision<video clip>
04. Together When…<video clip>
05. Marionette<video clip>
06. (don’t) Leave me alone<video clip>
07. glitter<making clip>
08. fated<making clip>
09. talkin’ 2 myself<making clip>
10. decision<making clip>
11. Together When…<making clip>
12. Marionette<making clip>
13. (don’t) Leave me alone<making clip>

¥3,150(tax in.)AVCD-23504

More Ayumi Hamasaki news already? It looks like the tracklist was the one that has been circling the internet for a few days now. Now that it’s gotten some level of confirmation, I feel okay posting it. I find the track’s titles interesting, and quite in line with Ayu’s recent blog entries. I’m quite excited for this album’s release.


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