[Single] MISIA – Royal Chocolate Flush

1. Royal Chocolate Flush
2. Taiyou no Chizu (太陽の地図)
3. Chandelier
4. Kiss And Hug!

~Single Review~
“Royal Chocolate Flush” was initially released as a standalone digital track single on digital stores such as iTunes Japan, where it peaked within the top ten. Now that it’s physical release has come around, it is accompanied by three B-sides, which probably helped it achieve the number four daily ranking it has held the past few days on the Oricon daily chart. Released on December 5, 2007, this single will MISIA’s last single before her next album, “EIGHTH WORLD.”

“Royal Chocolate Flush” starts out with an short, interesting intro, then the beat picks up, and MISIA counts down to the beginning of the song. Besides a beat, most of the song only features a few synthetic elements and MISIA singing, so you better hope you like her voice. She is backed up by background vocals and some more music during the chorus, but this song is a dance track. The verses aren’t very special, and the lead-in to the chorus, “Dancing in the moonlight” is one of the only hooks of the song. The final bridge is very fast-paced and winds back down with MISIA going “brrrr…” Thankfully, the ending is a step above the rest of the song. However, the lack of music for most of the song means the melody is hard to find at times, despite clear care with the production. It’s a great dance track, but I don’t know often I’ll find myself just listening to it. Still, MISIA hasn’t done anything this powerful in a while, so “Royal Chocolate Flush” is a nice change of pace. (The PV is also worth a watch)

“Taiyou no Chizu (太陽の地図)” is a soft up-beat song with a present guitar and string melody that works well with MISIA and her background vocals. The only really problem with the song? It feels a little laid back in some respects, which doesn’t really make the track stand out. The more glaring problem, then, is the Engrish throughout the song, and then when the English isn’t Engrish, it’s still not the best hook MISIA could have used. It’s a decent pop track and a decent B-side that will find its way into some listeners’ hearts.

“Chandelier” is a jazzy track that leads in with what sounds like a xylophone backing up the drums and keyboard. As more and more instrumentation comes in, the song hits its first chorus a bit anticlimactically, but still strongly. This B-side is soft but pleasant sounding. And let’s face it, it’s nice to hear MISIA expand her music a bit. The end of the song is more emotive than the rest of the of the song, and probably a lot stronger because of it. But the extro just drags out as MISIA ad-libs weakly. An interesting addition to the single.

“KISS & HUG!” is noticeably shorter than all the other tracks on “Royal Chocolate Flush.” But despite that, it features one of the best hooks on the single. How odd that the last and smallest song on the single has potential to be the catchiest. What stands in the way of it being the best on the single? It’s repetitive at times and the instrumentation sounds a bit like a watered down version of Chandelier + a small wind section. Over all, the track is exactly the way one should finish out a single.

No track on “Royal Chocolate Flush” is singularly amazing. However, each of the tracks on the single have a specific trait that make them a great listen; “Royal Chocolate Flush” is a powerful dance track, “Taiyou no Chizu (太陽の地図)” is a softer, well-produced pop track, “Chandelier” is a jazzy track with emotion, and “KISS & HUG!” is energetic and catchy. With such variety, it’s hard to mark down the single for not being perfect on any track. True, the lead A-side has errors, but because of the variety of music, I feel like there’s a lot of music to be found on this single. In the end, you’ll probably end up liking one of the songs on the single if you dare to listen, just don’t expect that song to be the lead A-side.

85% B

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