[PV] Stephanie – Winter Gold

~PV Review~
Okay, so the PV sucks. A lot. I won’t lie about that. It looks like it had a one hundred dollar budget. Let’s see, they needed to pay the people to film and choreograph, add in physical effects, and blow around the fake snow. So why did I post the PV? Because I thought the song was actually one worth a listen. It’s due out in a week, so look for an actual review then. But I will say that despite sounding like some anime track, I found the song to be catchy. I listened to the song once and it stuck with me throughout a nap. I was quite surprised. A great effort from Stephanie on working towards producing fast paced tracks, at least take a listen or laugh at the poor production values of the PV. They are seriously on Utada Hikaru’s “Automatic” level.


1 Response to “[PV] Stephanie – Winter Gold”

  1. 1 Aozora December 9, 2007 at 11:35 pm

    I love Stephanie. She has a beautiful voice and already has two great singles out. I definitely think she’ll make it far.

    And while this PV isn’t that great, it’s a huge improvement from her “because of you” PV.

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